We have opened up an Etsy account in order to provide one-of-a-kind personalized gifts to you, now at the touch of a button! We will be expanding our online store to have access to as many of our products as possible. Things such as mugs, dog tags, and accessories will be available. However, it’s always nice to have people stop by the store and see what’s inside. The possibilities are endless!

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Our best memories are made in the warm summer sun. A Sweet Sixteen in the garden, a retirement party at the brewery, or a wedding on the beach. Let us help you make your memorable summer last for years to come. Our photobooths are the perfect touch to any event, and is now UNLIMITED! No one wants to be cramped into a box after jumping in the pool or laying in the sand. That’s what makes our Open Air Photobooths so remarkable, we provide a backdrop of your choosing, which can fit 10-15 people at a time, and take your photos in the open summer air. It’s child, pet, and handicap friendly! Check out our Open Air Photobooth page for more details.


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Our weekend was action packed!  Friday afternoon, we photographed William Tennent Class of 2014 Graduation, congratulations to all!  Friday night, we photographed a Sweet 16, as well as provided our awesome photobooth!  Saturday, we photographed a beautiful wedding at the Quadrangle Club in Princeton, which also used our awesome photobooth!  Then, Sunday morning, we photographed a bike race for a great, local team.  We’re still busy sorting through all of the images but we wouldn’t leave you without a sneak peek!  Below, I have posted a slideshow collection of some of the wedding images.  This is a new form of viewing that we’re using and I really love the animation that goes with it, along with the music and how the overall slideshow flows.  Check it out, let us know what you think!  Would you like to see your images displayed like this?  Technology is truly incredible.  Make sure to check in on our Facebook page (Memory Makers Studio) to see even more shots from the weekend.  I’ll be adding more images here and there from all the events so make sure to keep checking in!  It’s great to have a full weekend with all different kinds of work, it really mixes things up and keeps our job interesting!

Miller Wedding



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