We’ve been so busy around here, making so many changes!  Even though the renovations are ongoing, we’ve been working with clients in-studio regularly.

We’ve had a bundle of babies come through recently, all for different reasons.  Some of them have been here before (before and after birth) and some made their first appearance at Memory Makers Studio.  Babies are so great to work with, it’s amazing when parents continue to bring them back to us to watch them grow.  One of our latest baby appointments was actually a wedding couple we photographed.  After the wedding, we did their maternity images and now, the newborn images.  There’s nothing more incredible than in a sense, being a part of their family.

The owners of Memory Makers Studio both have a lot invested in the Military.  Mike, the owner, is a disabled veteran, retired from the Navy and his wife, Margaret, is an active Major in the Army National Guard.  Margaret has been deployed on three separate tours as well.  With this insight, it’s easy to see that Memory Makers Studio loves working with the Military.  This past Saturday evening, we photographed the 239TH Army Birthday Ball at McGuire Air Force Base.  We have the ability to print on-site almost instantaneously so we offered 5×7’s to each couple or attendee that was interested.  It was a spectacular event with great people, we can’t wait to do it again next year!

As for this upcoming weekend, we’re still keeping busy!  A Sweet 16 to photograph and provide a photobooth and then a gorgeous wedding.  I’m defintely looking forward to sharing some incredible shots with you this upcoming week, stay tuned. 🙂


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It’s finally time for Memory Makers Studio to get this blog up and running, giving you a little insight into our world.  FIRST!  We are making TONS of changes in our studio office, even our most frequented clients may not recognized the place when they come in.  We have expanded!  Our offices are now located on the second floor, giving the first floor much more opportunity.  What do we do this with area of opportunity, you ask?  Sell trophies, awards and engrave, of course!  You heard right, Memory Makers Studio has now added Memory Makers Trophies to our business as a partner company.  We’re incredibly excited for this new adventure and hope that you are too!  We can fulfill so many different needs involving these items.  From trophies for little leagues to engraving on personal items, to sublimating iPhone cases and preparing medals or corporate awards, the possibilities are truly endless. With all this news about different things, I don’t want you to forget that we’re still very actively the portrait photographers you’ve come to know and love!  We’ve had some incredible sessions recently with all different subjects and settings.  I’ll be sharing some of these upcoming sessions with you so make sure you check back and add our blog to your favorites!  Babies, weddings, pets, families, our schedule is looking pretty full but there’s always room for you. 🙂   Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page – to see our work that hasn’t yet made it to the blog. Also check out our trophy Facebook Page – I’ll be talking to you soon!

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