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Our photobooth isn’t your typical photobooth, our photobooth adds a new dynamic to any type of event. It is now UNLIMITED!  It is a terrific icebreaker with tons of laughs that are generated there and days later when reviewing these awesome keepsakes.  A photobooth is an idea that can really get your guests talking!  Don’t worry about cramming 4 people into a small box, crowd up to 20 in front of  our full-sized backdrop!  A great addition to any party or event and personalized to fit your theme!  The finished product all guests will receive is a 4×6″ print with 4 separate poses.  On this same 4×6″ print is an area for customization.  We make special artwork for each event, showcasing your event, the date and a piece of artwork that makes this awesome touch a little more special.   Would a photobooth be fun without props?  We wouldn’t know because we have tons of props!  From feathered boas to pirate hooks, to rapper bling and oversized sunglasses, the fun will last all night.

Memory Makers Studio doesn’t just stop there, we take the keepsake items to the next step.  For a wedding photobooth, the happy couple can opt for our Memory Book.  In this Memory Book, Memory Makers Studio will inset one copy of each image taken throughout the night and leave signature space for all guests to leave notes for the couple of the evening.  What’s the best part of it all?  The Memory Book is completed before the night is over and left as a wedding gift for the Bride and Groom on their wedding night.


Minimum 2 Hours Starting at $349.00. +$150 For Each Additional Hour.


Call Memory Makers Studio for pricing and Memory Book options! (609) 508-1322 | 1(844)MMS-FOTO